Head to Head - Short Term vs Long Term Rental

With the rise in tourism, earning income from Short Term Rental (STR) has become quite popular as of late and many choosing to follow this route have seen huge income returns. However some apartment owners are still skeptical of the ever-changing STR market. This article will walk you through the benefits and shortcomings of both methods in order for you to make an informed decision as to what will meet your needs.

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How to optimize your SEO

So, you have added your apartment on Airbnb, it has been a while since it has been online and you are still receiving next to none reservations. Certainly your listing should be performing better, shouldn't it? We agree, and we are here to share some tips and tricks you could implement to ensure that you are satisfied with the revenue earned through the platform!


Why Portugal – Portuguese Platform - Exploring Portugal

Why Portugal is a new platform launched by Macedo Vitorino & Associados, which aims to encourage and make it easier for foreigners to come to Portugal.

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Tourism and Commercial Balance in Portugal

Tourism and Commercial Balance in Portugal - The revenue from tourism and the numbers of visitors in Portugal are increasing comes, but how much?

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