How to encourage your guests to book your property again

The stay is over - but the relationship does not have to be. Customer acquisition is a difficult task in all industries, which is why investing in the cultivation of repeat guests is a priority for all, especially those in the short-term rental sector.

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Top design tricks on how to make your small apartment space feel bigger

It is a known fact that the older property buildings in Portugal can be quite small - yet with the growing rental market in the country, knowing how to maximize your small space can be what sets you apart from your competition. Here are some foolproof ways to ensure you improve your guest's living experience and make your property feel spacious and comfortable;

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Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Lisbon

With the recent tourism boom that has taken Portugal over by a storm over the past couple of years, many have been looking to invest in properties in large cities such as Lisbon and Porto. However, since some of the key neighborhoods of the city have become saturated with short term rentals, the government is making it even harder for these investors to have Airbnbs in these areas. As a result, several residential neighborhoods close to downtown Lisbon are becoming more popular as short term rental spots. We are here to tell you exactly what makes these neighborhoods worthy of your money, and extremely bookable for tourists. After careful consideration, the neighborhoods we believe have the highest potential based on popularity, accessibility and market value are Beato, Principe Real, Graça and Sao Vicente.

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Head to Head - Short Term vs Long Term Rental

With the rise in tourism, earning income from Short Term Rental (STR) has become quite popular as of late and many choosing to follow this route have seen huge income returns. However some apartment owners are still skeptical of the ever-changing STR market. This article will walk you through the benefits and shortcomings of both methods in order for you to make an informed decision as to what will meet your needs.

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