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All roads lead to Lisbon

“Why Portugal?” – this is the name given to the new platform launched by Macedo Vitorino & Associados, which aims to encourage and make it easier for foreigners to come to Portugal. The tool aims to reach all kinds of people interested in this country: whether for professional reasons or simply to live or retire in.

After a number of shaky years, 2017 brought good news: it was the year in which Portugal had its highest growth since the start of the millennium. Much of this growth was attributed to tourism and to travel agencies that encourage foreigners to come to southwest Europe. And if the clouds have started to roll back, even clearer skies are expected on the horizon: the country’s growth in the last year together with the support of the monetary policy of the ECB (European Central Bank) and the contemplated reduction in the public deficit create positive speculation. National and international investors are now looking for opportunities for investing in the country, especially in the tourism, real estate, agricultural and industrial sectors.

And while talk is cheap, doing something is much harder. What this means to say is that the recently arrived platform provides clear and accessible information on the economic, political, economic and legal conditions of Portugal. Anyone who is unsure about investing can now clear up their doubts much more easily.

“Why Portugal” is available both in Portuguese and in English and – as it was developed by a law firm – it includes a databank with lots of legal documents and bureaucracy: laws, reports, forms, etc.

The fact is that whenever someone realistically considers moving to another country they face many difficulties, and while this program does not make the difficulties disappear, it does make them less difficult. Questions are asked and the answers backed up, but they still have to be read, understood and analysed.

The PDF of the project details various relevant points - organised into chapters - to help you come to a decision: investment incentives, residence permits, taxation, housing, among others.

Coming to Portugal is now easier – at least to weigh it all up. If pondering your decision is your homework, let “Why Portugal” be your cheat sheet. Happy studying!

30 March 2018

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